Make A Family Advent Calendar

December 12, 2019

Making Christmas traditions that your family will cherish forever is a wonderful way to spend the season, and we love family time advent calendars that allow you to make memories together.

A family time advent calendar is all about replacing the chocolate, cartoon-themed advent calendars that explode across our supermarkets with some real and meaningful activities that will always be remembered. A family time advent calendar creates an opportunity to do something special every day in the run up to Christmas, reminding yourself and the children what it’s all about and making this time more enjoyable for everyone.


Delicious Christmas Recipes: Chocolate Truffles

December 9, 2019

It’s Christmas! And whether you’re looking for a delicious treat for a wintry evening at home or the perfect homemade gift, our chocolate truffle recipe will be just right. Easy to make and as tasty as expensive shop-bought versions, these truffles will soon become a favourite amongst your family and friends. (more…)

Marvellous Mince Pies From Trabolgan

December 7, 2019

It’s not Christmas time until you’ve had your first mince pie, so make the most of the season and roll up your sleeves to make your own. (more…)

November Recipe: Potato Gratin

November 15, 2019

Here at Trabolgan Holiday Village, we love food! We’ve got a great range of restaurants and food outlets for you to enjoy, but we also provide excellent self catering accommodation so that you can treat yourselves to some special, home-cooked meals during your stay. (more…)

Halloween Activities You Have To Try!

October 14, 2019

Halloween is a fun time of year, however you celebrate the season, and you’re bound to have several different options in your local area. Whether you’re attending a party, throwing your own or going trick-or-treating in your neighbourhood, it’s all about getting together with friends and sharing the spooky spirit! (more…)