Pranks To Play On Your Children

March 20, 2020

Are you a family of jokers? Life is certainly more interesting if your family enjoys pranking one another, but it can be tricky to pitch it just right when it comes to playing tricks on children.

Here at Trabolgan Holiday Village, we think that these great prank ideas have just the right combination of silliness and fun, without the risk of someone getting seriously upset. Share your successful prank ideas with us!

Perfect family pranks:

  1. Fake it. Popping into any toyshop will show you a great range of fake props that will make pranking easy. You can choose from an array of fake insects, fake injuries and even fake animal mess, but be careful when you plan your prank to ensure that you won’t risk really upsetting someone – a small child won’t realize that a fake nail through the finger is a trick and could be very frightened!
  2. Change the colour. Popping a few drops of food colouring into the bottom of a cereal bowl creates an excellent and harmless prank. The kids can add their own milk and you can enjoy their reactions as the unexpected colour appears.
  3. Use the freezer. The freezer can provide an endless source of funny tricks, but freezing a toy inside a block of ice is a fun and easy way to draw a laugh. Simply pop a toy into a bowl of water and freeze overnight, then leave it on a tray or plate to be discovered – this can double up as a learning experience as the ice melts.
  4. Friendly food. You’ll give even the littlest children a giggle if you add googly eyes to their food. Stick a pair of eyes onto an apple or orange in your child’s lunchbox or just leave a couple in the fruit bowl and see how long it takes for your child to realize they’re being watched!
  5. Solid juice. Replacing your child’s juice with jelly will give them a surprise but they’ll probably be delighted to wolf down this extra snack. Choose a flavor that’s the same colour as your child’s favourite juice, allow to set and add a straw – everyone will be wanting this special drink!

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