Healthy Tips For Picky Eaters!

November 22, 2018

Do your children drive you crazy at mealtimes? You are not alone! Many parents struggle with ensuring that their kids eat healthy, balanced meals, and it can be a real challenge to encourage a healthy diet when anything that is green – or looks remotely healthy – is refused. However, vegetables are vital to our diets and it can be helpful to find new ways to interest kids in them. (more…)

Chores For Children? Getting The Balance Right

November 10, 2018

How much do you expect your children to do around the house? It’s a much debated subject amongst parents, with many opting to allocate pocket money in return for chores, but the research shows that however you choose to do it, chores are good for a child’s self esteem, discipline and confidence. (more…)

Winding Down Time: How To Help Your Child Relax Before Bed

October 4, 2018

Most parents will be familiar with the symptoms of over-tiredness: frustration, grumpiness, meltdowns… and that’s just the adults! Small children are not always able to recognise exhaustion in themselves, and sometimes find it very hard to wind down and let themselves sleep, but there are many ways to encourage your child to relax and drift off at bedtime. (more…)

Wet Weather Holiday Activities

August 30, 2018

Although we all hope for a sunny summer holiday, the reality of living in Ireland is that you are likely to experience at least a day or two of wet weather while you are away. This may be frustrating, but remember that it’s all part of the charm of this beautiful country, and that many attractions are designed with rainy days in mind. (more…)

Nature Craft Ideas For All The Family

August 17, 2018

Crafting with your children can be great fun for you as well as for them, and many parents discover crafty talents they didn’t know they had when they let their imaginations run wild! Nature offers an abundance of beautiful materials for crafting, and we’ve found some wonderful ways to make the most of it in your projects. (more…)