Family Values at Trabolgan: Why Reading With Your Children Matters

May 6, 2020

Here at Trabolgan Holiday Village, it’s all about family values. We think that spending time together, having fun as a family, is what life should be all about, and we offer great value breaks so that you can make the most of our exciting activities and facilities.

It’s a well known fact that reading to children, and talking to them extensively from their earliest days can help to develop their literacy skills as well as boosting their communication and general brain development. Whether you spend all day sharing classics, or manage to squeeze in a quick story before bed, reading every day has multiple benefits for your child and is something that experts recommend from birth.

 How To Fit In Reading And Making It Fun:

  1. Choose a time that works for you. Bedtime can be a lovely time to share a story and unwind, but if it’s often a stressful time of day for you, try beginning the day with reading instead, snuggling in to share a great book before you start your day or take the children to school.
  2. Choose great books. A glance around the library or bookshop will show you that there are many children’s books to choose from, but they’re not all equal! It can be especially enjoyable to share a story you remember from your own childhood, and discovering new writers together is always great fun. Asking your librarian for advice can be a great way to find good books to try.
  3. Enjoy yourself. If you switch off and think about your to-do list while you’re reading, the children will notice very quickly! Getting involved in the story, reading with emphasis and doing special voices for each character can help you to enjoy the process as well and make storytime really memorable.
  4. Talk about it. Check in with your child to be sure they’ve understood and appreciated the story you’ve been reading together. Make sure they have plenty of time to look at the pictures and process the words that they are hearing.
  5. Carry on reading! Don’t feel that you have to stop reading aloud because your children have grown older; children love to share stories with their parents for many years. Even some teenagers enjoy the process of reading together as it encourages them to tackle more complex books and subject matter, and it will ensure that your close bond continues.

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