Winding Down Time: How To Help Your Child Relax Before Bed

October 4, 2018

Most parents will be familiar with the symptoms of over-tiredness: frustration, grumpiness, meltdowns… and that’s just the adults! Small children are not always able to recognise exhaustion in themselves, and sometimes find it very hard to wind down and let themselves sleep, but there are many ways to encourage your child to relax and drift off at bedtime.

Here at Trabolgan Holiday Village, we have a fantastic range of activities and opportunities that will ensure that your little ones are thoroughly worn out by bedtime. However, we understand that it can be very difficult for them to transition from excitement into being ready to sleep, and our tips are designed to make this process easier.

Calming Activities To Help Children Prepare For Sleep

1. Art therapy. A frustrated child may not be able to express his or her needs or feelings verbally, and drawing can be a great way to destress. You can encourage your child to engage with the concept of art therapy by drawing your own feelings, for example by grabbing a notebook and scribbling a happy or sad face when a situation arises to evokes an emotional responses. This technique becomes more useful the more often you use it, so it’s well worth practising when you are not feeling stressed!

2. Read a book. Bedtime stories are a very special part of the day for most children, and can be the ideal time to build your connection. Depending on the age of your child, you can enjoy picture books together, make the most of rhyming stories or dip into a chapter of an adventure story together every night. Reading aloud to children is an excellent way to improve their vocabulary, encourage them to read for themselves and inspire a lifelong love of reading, so snuggle up and enjoy these magical moments.

3. Take a walk. Children often spend a lot of time indoors, especially in the colder months when the weather is not so good. A walk before bedtime can be very helpful in winding down, burning off some energy and preparing to sleep, and you can also use the time to talk about your days and connect with your child peacefully. This can be a great idea for children of any age, and even if the weather is bad, they will love donning their raincoats and popping out for a quick puddle jumping session!

4. Have a bath. Bath time is an ideal part of the bedtime routine because water is so relaxing and can help to prepare a child for sleep. You can try adding a couple of drops of lavender essential oil to your child’s bath water (not suitable for infants) and add a handful of magnesium flakes to prevent growing pains and promote relaxation and healthy sleep.

5. Sing songs. Most children love the sound of singing, and you can allow your children to choose their favourite songs to begin with each night. Find a good book of nursery rhymes or children’s songs and introduce some new ones, and you may find that this becomes a regular part of your routine and helps your child to anticipate a relaxing and peaceful bedtime.

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