Family Activities In The Rain

February 19, 2018

Most of us dream of sunny days spent with the family, but living in Ireland means that the weather isn’t always great! Here at Trabolgan, we know you’ll enjoy a fabulous holiday with us whatever the weather – especially now that we are developing a stunning covered Plaza area – and we’ve come up with some great ideas to keep everyone smiling, even in the rain.

If you haven’t been to Trabolgan before, we know you’ll love our sporting activities and entertainment programme, and this year we’ve invested more than €2 million in upgrading and developing our holiday village, including upgrades to several of our accommodation options this year.

Top Tips For Playing In The Rain:

1. Wear waterproofs. Rain can be great fun, and it’s essential for children to get outdoors and run off some steam even when the weather is bad, but it’s no good getting soaked through and ending up sneezing. Invest in good waterproofs and wellington boots for the whole family, and then make the most of wet days to stomp in puddles, run through muddy woods and dance in the rain.

2. Make mud sculptures. Make some family memories your kids will remember forever when you get your hands dirty and create some mud masterpieces. Try making mud monster faces on trees, or mix up a mud pie in a bucket or flower pot and decorate with flowers and leaves.

3. Find a stream. A stream offers endless play opportunities for children of all ages, and if you’re getting wet anyway, it doesn’t matter if it rains! Playing at catching fish, building rafts or making a dam can all inspire kids to get involved and work as a team, and the adults often enjoy these activities just as much as the little ones.

4. Make rain pictures. If you have a reluctant adventurer, inspire him or her to enjoy the rain by looking at the effect it can have on pictures or paintings. Experiment with watercolour crayons, paints or pens and see what effect rain drops have on each type of picture.

5. Have a water fight. Water fights are not only for hot, sunny days – in fact, they offer a great way to embrace the wet weather and get the whole family laughing together. Grab your water pistols or water bombs and step out for a fun filled water battle, burn off some energy and see just how special a rainy day can be.

Are You Looking for a Family Weekend Break in Ireland?

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