Delicious Fruity Desserts Kids Will Love

September 1, 2018

Kids love to cook, and creating delicious recipes for all of the family to enjoy is great fun. Desserts are the perfect thing to start with, since they are often quicker and easier to cook than savoury dishes, and they are also a great addition to a meal without the time pressure of producing the main feast.

When you’re looking for easy dessert ideas for your kids to try, don’t forget that they can adapt recipes to suit their preferences and dietary needs, and don’t be afraid to let them experiment: what’s the worst that can happen? The great thing about kids cooking is that they are often enthusiastic about doing the washing up, too, so you can encourage great habits while they’re young!

Dessert Recipes That Are Easy Enough For Kids To Cook

Here are our top three recipes for family desserts, and all are versatile and delicious!

  1. Eton Mess with a twist. Most kids love meringues, and you can make your own or buy them ready made to make this delicious dessert. If you’re making meringues, ensure that you make them the day before you need the dessert and leave them in the cool oven overnight to harden. To put the dessert together, simply smash up the meringues and then add fruit and stir in some whipped cream. In traditional Eton Mess, strawberries are the only fruit, but you can add a delicious twist when you mix them with other fruits such as raspberries and blackberries. Children will love to come up with their own creations!
  2. Fruit salad. Fruit is the perfect summer dessert, and it’s easy to find plenty of variety at this time of the year. Simply gather a range of fruits such as apples, oranges, grapes, mangoes, pineapples and melons and get the kids involved in chopping them up and adding them to a huge bowl. The more colourful it is, the more delicious it will be! You can add some fruit juice and then serve your fruit salad with ice cream or cream if you wish.
  3. Stewed fruit. The summer time is great for foraging, and you can create plenty of free desserts at this time of the year when you make the most of the hedgerows. Gather blackberries, apples and plums, and stew these over a low heat to create nutritious, warming compotes to enjoy. You can freeze stewed fruits to carry you through the colder months, or turn them into crumbles or fruit pies to create really special desserts.

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