Can My Kids Miss School To Go On Holiday?

April 26, 2019

When children are very young, families often opt to take their holidays in June or September, when the weather is warm but the crowds are not overwhelming. However, once your children start school, you may find yourself restricted to peak holiday dates during the high season, which is likely to be busier and more expensive.

Many people wonder about taking their children out of school in order to go on holiday, and the recent media frenzy over this issue leading to large fines for parents in the UK has caused uncertainty about the legalities of doing this in Ireland. Read on for our quick guide to the rules, and find out more about the best family holidays around!

Can Children Miss School For Holidays In Ireland?

If your child is in school, it is important to seek advice from the individual school as policies vary across the country. However, it is generally advised that children do not miss school in order to go on holiday, as they may fall behind their peers and miss out on important information or topics.

Many teachers and headteachers, though, recognise the value of family holidays, especially where a family would be unable to afford a holiday during the peak season, and will be prepared to support a family taking a holiday during term time as long as this only results in a few days of school being missed. If a child misses more than 20 days of schooling during an academic year, the school may need to make a referral to Educational Welfare Services.

How Can I Take My Child On Holiday In Term Time?

If you are very keen to take your child on holiday during term time, you should speak with your child’s teacher or the headteacher of his or her school. The official line is likely to be that this is not advised, but it may be that the school will make an exception for you if they can see the likely benefit to the child and the number of days missed is not excessive. If your child’s attendance is usually very good, it is more likely that the school will be sympathetic to your request.

If you are taking an extended trip or travelling for a number of months, you should seek advice from the headteacher as you may be able to arrange to take work with you for your child to complete while remaining on the school roll. However, many families decide to de-register their children and home educate during periods of extended travel, and often re-enter the school system at a later stage.

If you are in need of a family holiday but do not want your child to miss school, you could consider taking a weekend break, or a long weekend to include a bank holiday. Here at Trabolgan Holiday Village, you can pack so much fun into one of our family weekend breaks that you’ll all feel as though you’ve been on holiday for much longer!

The Benefits Of A Family Holiday

We all love spending time with the family on holiday, and scientific studies back up these feelings and show several important positive effects of going on holiday. These include:

  • Spending quality time together. Everyday life can be very busy and spending quality time with your family can prove difficult. A holiday is a great time to boost your connection with some intensive family time, and it can be a good opportunity to spend time trying new activities that you can do together. Take the chance to catch up with the events of your daily lives and don’t forget to spend some time relaxing together, too!
  • Reducing stress. Most people today lead busy lives that cause them considerable stress, and this is not great news for our physical or mental health. Holidays are seen to be beneficial for both, giving us the chance to slow down and take stock, as well as enjoying some relaxing activities and gentle exercise, too. This will have positive effects on heart rate and state of mind, and is one of the most important things to remember when you return home.
  • Opportunities to learn. Whether you’re exploring an area you have never been to before or trying an activity that is new to you, learning something different can stimulate your brain and give you a confidence boost, too. Challenge yourself to think outside the box and try something completely different on your holiday this year.
  • Getting outdoors. Children often spend a great deal of time inside, which can be detrimental to their mental health as well as their fitness levels. A holiday is a great time to take a break from the screens and have some fun together, getting out in nature and enjoying some extra exercise.
  • Making memories. Life can be fast paced and chaotic while your children are young, but when you look back on their childhood, family holidays are a great source of happiness for most people. Adults tend to remember their family holidays as some of their most important formative experiences, and creating this sort of positive memory for your family is a great incentive to make time for holidays together.
  • Benefits before and after the holiday. Did you know that studies show that the anticipation of a forthcoming holiday, and the memories of a family break, boost endorphins before and after the holiday? This means that you and your children are likely to feel more relaxed and happy, and better able to concentrate at school and work, in the weeks either side of your break – which is a great way to persuade your child’s teacher that a term time holiday will be a positive thing!

Check Out Our Weekend Breaks at Trabolgan

When you visit us at Trabolgan, you can make the most of all our activities and entertainment, and enjoy a great weekend break with the family. We have a great selection of special offers, so that you can book your week or weekend break with us for a better price than ever before, and we can’t wait to welcome you.

Trabolgan promises:

  1. Great fun all year round. Summer holidays are great when the sun’s out, but here at Trabolgan you can enjoy a holiday with the family all year round. We’ve built a covered plaza area so that the fun can continue whatever the weather, and we know you’ll have a fabulous time whenever you choose to visit us.
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  3. Great entertainment. A holiday where the children are entertained is a break for the parents too, and we have an excellent range of entertainment for children and adults alike. We have a programme of live music acts throughout the season, and our favourite characters return each year with new friends to keep the children smiling all day long.
  4. Family swimming. Check out our subtropical pool paradise, complete with Wavemaker and waterslide, and enjoy burning off some energy before your next delicious meal. Swimming with your kids is a brilliant way to boost your fitness and have some fun, and that’s why this is one of the most popular activities at Trabolgan.
  5. Flexibility. Here at Trabolgan, you can have the very best of a flexible schedule, arranging your days to suit your family and mixing it up to keep everyone happy. You can choose to eat out in our excellent choice of eateries, or cook in your self catering holiday home so that you can all enjoy relaxing together. Feed the kids in their pyjamas and then cosy up for a family film night to make the most of the holiday experience!
  6. The perfect location. If you’ve never visited Trabolgan before, you’ll be impressed with the fantastic attractions in the local area, including beautiful blue flag beaches. There’s plenty to keep you occupied if you don’t want to leave the site, but if you want to explore the local area, there’s nowhere better to discover in Ireland.

Book A Break In Ireland With Your Family

Here at Trabolgan Holiday Village, we have updated most of our luxurious self catering accommodation, and you’ll find a home from home that is perfect for your family break. Holiday accommodation includes a fully equipped kitchen so that you can cook at your own convenience if you wish to, and if you prefer to eat out, we have an excellent range of dining venues on site, too.

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