Trabolgan Characters

See the Trabolgan Characters and find out more about your loveable friends

Children can see their favourite characters at Trabolgan Holiday Village and create memories to last a lifetime.  Trabolgan's own resident characters will be here throughout the course of the 2021 season including:

Florrie the Fox

Florrie the Fox is the Trabolgan Mascot and has been at Trabolgan for over 15 years.  He is a loveable rogue who loves to meet all the boys and girls and have fun with his all singing and dancing shows.  He loves getting his picture taken and has starred in lots of Trabolgan videos over the years.  With his distintive bushy tail Florrie is always on hand for lots of fun.  For years Florrie was the only woodland character at Trabolgan so felt a bit lonely but now he is surrounded by lots of his friends.

Bonnie the Bunny

Bonnie the Bunny is Florries best friend and with her cute little dress and girly pink shoes Bonnie makes sure that Florrie behaves in front of all the boys and girls. She sometimes get embarassed if Florrie does something naughty but deep down she really loves him.  Her favourite colour is pink and she loves to wear bows in her hair. 

Wez the Weasel

Wez the Weasel came to Trabolgan in 2016 and this cheeky guy enjoyed his time so much that he decided to stay on again this year.  Will his cool baseball hat and trendy jacket Wez spends ages getting ready in the morning.  Everything has to be just right before he can come out to see all the boys and girls.  He secretly likes Bonnie but he is too cool to tell her.  Instead he plays tricks on her all the time in the hope that she will notice him.  But Bonnie has eyes for only one fox!!

Billy the Badger

When Billy arrived to Trabolgan he was a big hit with all the boys and girls so he will be returning for the 2021 season.  Everyone will love to see this new loveable if not sometimes a little naughty "Billy the Badger" who will have lots of fun with all the boys and girls this season at Trabolgan so sit back and enjoy all the fun with our loveable woodland Trabolgan characters.

ALL NEW For 2021

We are so excited for our brand new nature trail and newly opened beach for 2021.  Click for more

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