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Are you a family of jokers? Life is certainly more interesting if your family enjoys pranking one another, but it can be tricky to pitch it just right when it comes to playing tricks on children.
Do You Need A Holiday? |  19/07/2017
Holidays are some of the best times of the year, and most people make family memories that will last a lifetime when they’re away on a family break. Sometimes, however, we don’t realize just how much we need a holiday until we arrive and start to feel ourselves unwind. Recognizing these signs earlier can be helpful, allowing us to prepare ourselves, book a great deal and look forward to our trip.
Travelling with children isn't always easy, but when you want to see the world and enjoy all the fabulous experiences that family holidays can bring, it's often a necessity. We've been thinking about how you can make your journey pass more quickly, and avoid some of the negative aspects of the trip.
Whether you're travelling around the world or to a holiday destination nearby, you'll want to make sure that your holiday is as simple and pleasant as possible. We all love family breaks, but they can be stressful to plan and arrange, and forgetting to pack an essential item can start things off on the wrong foot.
We all know that great dads are brilliant everyday, but we love making Father's Day extra special to remind them how much they mean to us. Whatever you've got planned for Father's Day, check out our ideas and find something to suit your family, whatever your budget.
A family holiday is a great time to relax and enjoy spending time together, but if you’re parenting a toddler, you may find that the change to his or her normal routine leads to upsets and meltdowns. It’s hardly surprising, since these little people are discovering their place in the world and adjusting to new situations can be tricky, but there are many things you can do to ease the transition.
If you're used to travelling in the car with bored children, you’ll know how stressful it can be. Having a few tricks up your sleeve to alleviate the boredom and make the journey more fun can be a great relief for everyone.
Summer is here and many of us are bursting with ideas for making our houses and gardens look great, and getting stuck into projects of all kinds. It’s a good time of year for getting crafty with your children, too, harnessing the potential of the springtime energy and creating some special masterpieces to treasure.
Amazing Easter Brownies |  16/04/2017
Chocolate brownies are the perfect, decadent treat at any time of the year, but these special Easter brownies are especially delicious. While the children are tucking into their Easter eggs, you can sit back and enjoy this tasty treat, or get the kids involved and make a batch for your friends or relations to enjoy.
It’s that time of year again: spring is in the air and the Easter bunny is on his way! Here at Trabolgan Holiday Village, we think it’s hard to beat this season, and our new friend, Billy the Badger, can’t wait to welcome you when you join us for a family break this year.
When you’re booking a family holiday, it can be difficult to please everyone, and parents, especially, often end up compromising to ensure that the children have a great time. It can be tricky finding a destination that ticks all the boxes, but if you’re searching for a family break in Ireland, we think we’ve found the answer.
Whether you’re visiting us at Trabolgan Holiday Village or taking a long haul flight to another continent, a family holiday inevitably means making a journey with your children. Travelling with children is often the subject of comedy sketches, and the ‘are we there yet?’ moment will be familiar to most parents, but if you’re stuck in a car or plane with your little darlings, the reality can be anything but funny.

Easter is a wonderful time to visit us at Trabolgan Holiday Village, and our favourite woodland friends are looking forward to having an eggcellent time with our younger guests. There’s so much to do at Trabolgan that it’s great to visit at any time of the year, but we think there’s something special about the springtime!

Planning a family holiday can be tricky when you’re trying to please every member of the family at once. Everyone may feel like doing something different, or you, as parents, may end up running around entertaining the children and forget that you’re meant to be having a good time, too!

Here at Trabolgan Holiday Village, we know that when children are happy, their parents can enjoy a truly relaxing break, too. That’s why we concentrate on creating an excellent children’s programme that children love to get involved with, and this year we’ve got a new woodland character to introduce to you all. Billy the Badger is delighted to be joining our team this year, and we can’t wait for the children to meet him!

When you book a family break at Trabolgan Holiday Village, you can rest assured that we have plenty of activities and entertainment available on site, but you’ll still find time to curl up with a book at the end of the day. Bedtime stories are the perfect way to end the day, with parents and children enjoying some quality time together.

Holidays are a fabulous way to enjoy time with your family, but sometimes the hassle of coordinating plans, taking long flights and dealing with all the stresses of travelling with children can make it all a bit more complicated than expected! One answer to this dilemma is to embrace the ‘staycation’, taking the chance to enjoy a break in your local area, closer to home and without any of the long haul pressures.
There’s nothing like a mug of steaming hot chocolate to keep you warm when the cold weather sets in, but a basic hot chocolate powder can only hint at the delicious treat that is real hot chocolate. If you love treating yourself to a hot drink but can never get the same flavor at home, check out our guide to the best hot chocolate in town.
Have you ever taken a family holiday at Trabolgan Holiday Village? We love to welcome new guests to spend time with us and, with many guests returning every year, we hope you’ll all become familiar faces at Trabolgan.
It’s not Christmas time until you’ve had your first mince pie, so make the most of the season and roll up your sleeves to make your own. There are many different recipes that range from traditional favourites to tasty new twists, and it’s great fun experimenting to see what your family likes best!
Here at Trabolgan Holiday Village, we’re really looking forward to Christmas! We like to make the most of the season, and we love to share our favourite ideas with our guests. We’ve been thinking about festive wreaths, and how to create the perfect example for your home this year. Try one of the following ideas to bring some Christmas cheer to your front door!
As Christmas time approaches, it's a good time to think about how you can enjoy the season with your family and friends. Perhaps you have traditions that the children look forward to each year, or maybe it's time to introduce some new ideas into your festive routine.
7 Things To Do In Cork |  22/11/2016
When you book a family break at Trabolgan Holiday Village, you can rest assured that we have plenty of activities and entertainment available on site. You don’t need to go anywhere else to have a relaxing holiday, but if you want to explore the area, we’re lucky to be situated in the beautiful area of Cork, so there are plenty of fabulous things to do, whatever the weather.
It's getting colder and the nights are drawing in, but here at Trabolgan Holiday Village, we're still having a great time outdoors and in. We love seeing the bare trees in our beautiful grounds, and we can't help but feel the special seasonal magic that surrounds us at this time.
We all know that experts are increasingly worried about the amount of time children spend in front of screens, but were you aware that new research suggests that physical exercise can help improve academic achievement as well as physical and mental health.

Spending a weekend at Trabolgan Holiday Village is always great fun, but when you visit us at Halloween, you can be sure you’ll have a spooktacular time! We have a wide range of activities and sports available for all the family, and our entertainment programme has something for everyone to enjoy.

Here at Trabolgan Holiday Village, we have a fantastic range of activities and entertainment to keep you and your family busy, but we also offer home from home accommodation so that you can enjoy relaxing together after a fun-filled day.

What’s the best way to spend Halloween? A family break at Trabolgan Holiday Village, of course! But whenever you’re joining us, we’ll have a great programme of entertainment and sporting activities for you to get involved with. We have an excellent programme for kids, including the seasonally themed Florrie’s Freaky Fun Club, especially designed to get you in the mood for a scaring.

There are increasing studies to show that children are spending more time than ever in front of screens, and less and less time outside. These studies also often demonstrate the vital importance of outdoor play on child development, and the benefits of getting outside on physical and mental health.

Everywhere we look, we’re bombarded with technology, screens and social media. Being able to access emails and articles for work and leisure on our phones all day long means that we are finding it harder than ever to put down our gadgets and connect with our loved ones.

Summer has bid us goodbye and the nights are drawing in. Many people bemoan the onset of the colder weather, but here at Trabolgan Holiday Village, we love the autumn and we want to share our favourite reasons to celebrate this season.

We all lead busy lives, and a family holiday is often the best time to relax and enjoy time together. Making the most of this with some family games, getting the whole family laughing together, can build stronger connections between you all, giving you more positive relationships to take home as a souvenir!

Going on holiday with your family is usually a great way to spend time together and give everyone a chance to relax. With young children, however, a family break isn’t always the most relaxing experience! We’ve been thinking about how you can make your trip a little easier on all of you, and make sure you’ll get a least a little more relaxation than normal.

Childhood holidays make precious memories for a lifetime, and none more special than snuggling up to share a story as a family. Whether you’re reading novels with your older children or sharing picture books with your toddler, reading together can be a great way to relax and enjoy the magic of a great tale.

Switch Off And Tune In. |  22/07/2016
Family holidays are the highlight of the year for many families, and most people hope that they’ll be creating memories that their children will treasure forever. However, our society has changed in recent years, and it’s impossible to ignore one major factor that is compromising precious family time across the world.

What do you need to make your family holiday complete? Sunshine, of course! We know that you can enjoy a family break at Trabolgan Holiday Village whatever the weather, but with experts predicting a heat wave this summer, we could be set for a sizzler.

School is finished, the sun is shining, and you’re heading off for a fantastic family break at Trabolgan Holiday Village. You can look forward to a great holiday, with plenty to keep the whole family entertained, and we hope that the sun will shine for you on your holiday!

It can be tricky to find a family holiday destination that’s suitable for all the family, but here at Trabolgan Holiday Village, we have a great range of activities and entertainment so that the whole family can enjoy a break in Ireland.

Here at Trabolgan Holiday Village, we’re all getting excited about the Euro 2016 Championships. Our favourite Trabolgan friends, Florrie the Fox,  Bonnie the Bunny, Fireman Sam and Wez the Weasel are all looking forward to enjoying the Irish games together with the children who are on holidays at Trabolgan.

When your children look back at their childhood, they’ll probably have fond memories of your family holidays. These can become something really special for the whole family when you take advantage of the opportunity to book a sporting or activity break and some try new experiences together.

When you’re heading off on a family holiday, it can be stressful trying to make sure you’ve remembered everything you need. Here at Trabolgan Holiday Village, we’ve been busy putting together a list of essential tips to make your family break run more smoothly.

The news doesn’t look good for children across Ireland. Just like in America and the UK, childhood obesity is rising and experts are concerned that many under five year olds don’t get enough exercise. More screen time and less time spent in the great outdoors have created a situation in which many young children are spending less time being physically active than ever before.

When you’re heading off for a family break at Trabolgan Holiday Village, you’ll be spoilt for choice with all the activities on site for every member of the family. We’re sure you’ll have no problems finding your favourite ways to spend the day, but we’ve put together a list of our top ten things to do at Trabolgan so you can try something new if you’re in the mood!
Family holidays should be relaxing and fun for everyone, but, of course, it’s vital that the kids are happy so that parents can enjoy the break, too. Here at Trabolgan Holiday Village, we have a great range of activities and entertainment to allow the whole family to have a fantastic family break in Ireland.
So you've got some time off to spend with the kids and you want a family midweek break in Ireland? Look no further than Trabolgan Holiday Village. We've got a great range of activities for the whole family and our guests assure us that parents get time to relax as well!

Here at Trabolgan, we’re proud to offer a great range of activities to keep everyone entertained on your family holiday in Ireland. It’s our aim to be as family friendly as possible, and we’ve created a great range of activities that will have everyone shouting for more.
Here at Trabolgan Holiday Village, it’s all about family values. We think that spending time together, having fun as a family, is what life should be all about, and we offer great value breaks so that you can make the most of our exciting activities and facilities.
When you’re booking a family holiday, it can be tricky to make sure there’s enough to keep everyone entertained. With different ages and interests in the family, it can be tempting to pick something that will only appeal to the kids, but surely parents deserve a fantastic holiday too?
Every year, we see many new faces at Trabolgan Holiday Village, but we’re always delighted to see that many of our guests have been to stay with us before. We know we must be getting things right because so many of you return to visit again and again, and we hope that you’ve noticed that we’ve listened to your feedback and made improvements again this year!

A family holiday at Trabolgan is exciting at any time of the year, but celebrating a special occasion with us offers a whole new level of fun for everyone. This year we’ve got an inspiring entertainment programme that the whole family will enjoy. Here’s what’s in store:

A family holiday in Ireland is now even more exciting at Trabolgan Holiday Village, since we’ve been busy making improvements and preparing for another season of fun. We hope you’ll be as pleased with the changes as we are, and if you’re new to Trabolgan, we know you’ll love the results of our hard work!

When you're booking a family holiday in Ireland, there are many things to consider. Of course, every family is different and we all have our own hobbies, habits and ideas, but most families will think about the following areas when booking a family break:

Booking a school tour can be a nerve wracking experience since you have so many children to cater for and so many elements to consider. You can make it easy on yourself by booking a school tour at Trabolgan, renowned for offering some of the best school tours in Ireland!